Past Honorees

The Germantown Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 1994 to celebrate the German Township's contemporary history. Each year the Society honors the achievements of individuals who have local, regional and national recognition while remaining dedicated to the community of Germantown, Mount Airy, and Chestnut Hill.

The 2007 Hall of Fame honorees were: William Cash, All-Star baseball player with the Negro Leagues; Elisabeth Shellenberger, President Emerita of Historic Germantown Preserved and Lacrosse and Field Hockey Hall of Famer; and Eugene Glenn Stackhouse, genealogist and historian as well as President Emeritus of the Germantown Historical Society. They joined a distinguished roster of members that includes 1994 inductees the Right Reverend Bishop Barbara Harris and Henry J. Magaziner, FAIA; 1995 inductees Catherine P. Bachrach, Floyd W. Alston, and the late Maggie E. Kuhn; 1996 inductees Brother Al Smith, C.M., the late Grover Washington, Jr., and Ted and Stevie Wolf; 1997 inductees Francenia L. Emery, Katherine Minehart, and John Rice; 1998 inductees Rennie Cohen, the late Dr. Jonathan Rhoads and Sister Sonia Sanchez; 1999 inductees Sister M. Brigid Lawlor, Rev. Dr. Theodore Loder, the late Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Sr. and Dr. Mary Henderson Wright; year 2000 inductees Rev. Richard R. Fernandez, Hugh B. Hanson and Dorothy Sumners Rush; year 2001 inductees William and Liller Green, the Honorable Allyson Y. Schwartz, and Anthony H. Williams; year 2002 inductees Commissioner Harold B. Hairston, Clarice G. Herbert, Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi; year 2003 inductees Emanuel Freeman, Elliot Shelkrot and Sun Ra Arkestra; year 2004 inductees Graham S. Finney, Derrick H. Pitts and Shelly D.Yanoff; year 2005 inductees John L. Asher, Jr., Brenda and Helmut Gottschild, and Patricia Henning; and year 2006 inductees George Beach, Dr. Constance Clayton, and Ralph Roberts.